Company Profile
  Zoey┬« was founded in 1995, Zoey is the most leading company in industry of "Electrosurgical instruments". Zoey Corporation is exporter and manufacture of "Electrosurgical instruments" with high quality that functions under the most demanding conditions.
Made with high quality stainless steel and coated with special unbreakable and nontoxic NYLON material, our high quality instruments are
"Bipolar Forceps" | "Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps" | "Monopolar Forceps" | "Bipolar cabels" | "Monopolar cables" | "Electrosurgical Pencils" | "Electrodes" | "Loop Electrodes" | "Diathermy Products" | "Electrosurgery Gynecology Instruments", all "electrosurgical instruments" are hand crafted for precision and durability.
We are dedicated to producing the precision instruments that you demand at the cost effective price you require.